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Toni Anne Lofrano, Positivity Pulse Director Coach, Consultant, Trainer

In her role at Sherry BIair Institute, Toni Anne has worked on a diverse range of projects.  She has written, modified and implemented policies and procedures on organizational development, and she assists with hiring and training new staff members.  She works closely with the management team to ensure that staff members feel supported and valued, and she is dedicated to staff development.  She also places a high priority on client and customer satisfaction.  Toni Anne has coordinated many of the Institute’s events throughout the years, and she attends various resource fairs and workshops where she does frontline sales and marketing.  Toni Anne is committed to professional development by keeping current on the research and regulations in the field with the help of the rest of the SBI team.

She is the content editor on a number of projects and books in collaboration with Sherry Blair and other team members.  In November of 2016, Toni Anne became a Nurtured Heart Approach® Certified Trainer, and as such,  she continues training staff members and clients on this powerful approach.

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