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Sherry Blair

Sherry Blair, Inspirational Change Leader

Sherry is CEO and Founder of Sherry Blair Institute. She began focusing on increasing positive leadership in organizations almost two decades ago.

Her work experiences spans from both working within and serving non-profits, social/human services, schools, universities, the hotel/restaurant industry to major corporations. Her interests lie in leadership, talent, succession planning, engagement, well-being and behavioral health. Sherry’s holds a second Master’s degree in Industrial/Organizational Psychology which truly helps her pinpoint issues related to workplace behavior and relationships as well as the need to address how change impacts an organization and its people.

With several publications under her belt, she is committed to creating and developing tools to enhance her consulting, training and coaching services and thrives on building up leaders to optimize to their full potential and she starts within her own organization.

Sherry also is on faculty at University of Southern California teaching human development, coaching, consultation and social entrepreneurship.

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