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Embracing Diversity =

Equality, Empowerment &

Prosperity at Work

In numerous studies, diversity — both inherent (e.g., race, gender) and acquired (experience, cultural background) — is associated with business success.  For example, a 2009 analysis of 506 companies found that firms with more racial or gender diversity had more sales revenue, more customers, and greater profits. 

Rock, Halveron, & Grey, 2016

Intersectionality highlights complexities of oppression and a deeper understanding of social inequities. Positive psychology reflects one’s resiliency, grit, determination, character strengths, virtues and values. When combined, this skill set increases intercultural competency to understand someone’s triumphs and challenges and how to use these tools as a vessel toward empowerment.

We embrace Intersectionality and its significance to understanding a person from a holistic and comprehensive perspective. Intersectionality examines how biological, social, and cultural categories of identity (race, class, gender, sexuality, religious affiliation, etc.) interact on multiple and varied levels to create social inequities (Crenshaw, 1989).  Understanding how people are influenced to behave in certain ways and the multilayered perspectives that may drive development and behavior is crucial to understanding how these intersections impact human beings.

Understanding and exploring Intersectionality is a vessel to gain intercultural knowledge to move toward engagement, to increase the ability to understand someone from an intersectional, intercultural perspective and ultimately to better serve and empower individuals. “Intercultural competence is the ability to develop targeted knowledge, skills and attitudes that lead to visible behavior and communication that are both effective and appropriate in intercultural interactions” (Deardorff, 2006).

When leaders are committed to exploring the richness of one’s intersectional experience, not only will they understand the complexities of oppression, but with the right tools and knowledge, can begin to see through the lens of positivity to understand their resiliency, grit, and determination as well as character strengths, virtues and values.

This skill set increases one’s intercultural competency to understand someone’s triumphs as well as their challenges and how to use the power of that knowledge to advance and empower people within organizations. We have creative tools for you and your team to move you all toward embracing diversity as well as moving your organization toward prosperity.

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