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Alletta Bayer, Inspirational Change Leader

As a Master Trainer for the Sherry Blair Institute, author, consultant and coach, it is Alletta’s mission to empower leaders to reach beyond their comfort zone and step into their full potential. Her knowledge in current science and research in leadership, engagement, positive psychology, change management, behavioral health and well-being, neuroscience and brain health, and emotional intelligence is skillfully woven into her offerings to help her clients achieve sustainable change. She is passionate about creating and delivering curricula for personal and professional development, positivity, and greater well-being.

Her work experiences working within as an employee or co-owner as well as serving span the Real Estate industry, Hospitality, Health and Fitness, Behavioral Health Services and non-profits.

Alletta’s publications include The 7 Steps to Ignite Flourishing in Leaders, Teams, and Organizations (co-authored with Sherry Blair.) She has also co-created, along with Sherry, several training and/or coaching programs.

As one of only 300 Certified High Performance Coaches personally trained by Brendon Burchard, Alletta skillfully uses a coaching approach to help people identify, own, wrestle with, and resolve the issues that have prevented them from achieving and sustaining their highest personal and professional potential.

Alletta holds a BA from the University of California Berkeley and a MA in Clinical Psychology from John F. Kennedy University. She is a graduate of the Professional Coaching Course. As an avid believer in life-long learning and to better serve her clients, she has gained numerous other professional certifications through the years.

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