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Who we are

Sherry Blair Institute is an organization offering consulting, coaching and training to improve people, performance and positive relationships in the workplace. We help leaders, teams and organizations to lead change initiatives to optimize their people to give their best at work.

One of the most important core values that we hold at our Institute is We are aware that oppression exists and believe in equal treatment regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, age or cultural ethnicity. Everyone’s voice holds value. We treat everyone with dignity and respect.” We take great pride in assisting you and your team to work harmoniously and compassionately in the spirit of embracing diversity and working toward equality and empowerment. Read more about Embracing Diversity at Work.

We also believe in the philosophy of leading from our hearts in synergy with the brilliance in our minds. The research in Positive Psychology in the workplace demonstrates the efficacy of this strategy and using the Nurtured Heart Approach® adapted for use in the workplace allows for that exchange and increases the overall well-being within organizations. The strategies and tools we use are grounded in helping you to change the “pulse” in your organization to a healthy and flourishing culture, or as we love to say a “positivity pulse” in your organization. Read more about Positivity Pulse in Organizations.

We are committed to custom tailoring your project with specialized strategies from our mastery-level facilitators and coaches. We are committed to serving you and seeing you toward your success.

MEET Our Team

Sherry Blair
Inspirational Change Leader

Connie Masullo

Connie Masullo
Inspirational Change Leader Coach, Consultant, Trainer

Toni Anne Lofrano

Positivity Pulse Director, 

Coach, Consultant, Trainer

Vanessa Haro,

Business Consultant 

Mexico City, MX

Dena Billups,
Creative Diversity Leader

Alletta Bayer,
Inspirational Change Leader

Joe Clem
Consultant, Coach, Trainer

Kristine Requena,
Logo & App Icon Designer

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