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Leading Change


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Leading Change in Your Organization 8 Week Coaching Program

Live & On-Demand Options

Description: Based on over 40 years of research, you learn Kotter’s 8 Step Leading Change model. Understanding that 70% of change initiatives fail, you realize that preparing for change is key to success and failure is not an option. We walk you step-by-step each week and you leave with a plan.

Leading Nurtured Heart® Change for Teams, Leaders & Organizations

Live/ONLINE Training ONLY

Description: Have you found your way to the Nurtured Heart Approach® and just can’t see your way to make this happen in your organization? Well, we do because we have done it and have helped other organizations too. We walk you through Kotter’s 8 step process to lead change toward success in implementing this transformational approach in your workplace. Haven’t heard of it yet but want this too? Then join us.

The Science of Happiness at Work


Find out more about The Science of Happiness at Work

The Science of Happiness at Work™ Training & Coaching Program

NOTE: Embodied in this program are targeted trainings and coaching based on your organization’s needs. This training is an overview on the research and strategies utilized to obtain happiness at work through the 5 C’s: Contribution, Conviction, Culture, Commitment, Confidence

Live & On Demand Options

Description: Since 2005, extensive and rigorous research in The Science of Happiness at Work™ reveals that compared to unhappiest employees, happiest employees spend twice as much time on task; have 65% more energy; intend to stay in the role 4 times longer. Learn more and “how” to get this in your workplace.

The Positivity Pulse: Transforming Your Workplace

Live/ONLINE Training ONLY

Description: The Positivity Pulse introduces a precise set of tools for building and supporting relationships in the workplace. Based on teachings from modern leadership theories, change management and positive psychological research you can improve relations, get employees in full policy compliance, increase productivity and create a workplace where people want to show up. You will learn the Nurtured Heart Approach® pioneered by Sherry Blair for use in the workplace.

7 Steps to Ignite Flourishing 7 Week Coaching program

Live/ONLINE Training ONLY

Description: This program is the next step to infusing and changing the culture by using the Nurtured Heart Approach® in your workplace. Whether you are looking for just a little more positive energy, happiness and good will in your workplace relationships or your whole team or organization is in dire need of positive transformation, this game-changing, hands-on workbook is for you. Revealing rigorous research supporting the business and personal benefits of increasing positivity in the workplace, you walk away feeling motivated and empowered to reach beyond well-being all the way to flourishing.

Organizational Development


Find out more about Organizational Socialization

Organizational Socialization

Live & On-Demand Options

Description: Many organizations utilize a cookie-cutter orientation process for new employees and can end up questioning why the learning curve is extended. It takes an average of 6 months for a new employee to acclimate to the culture, learn about the organization and implement their skill set as well as learn a new position. However, we typically expect them to be performing after the standard 90 days introductory/probationary period. Based on our own learning curve, we reveal our recommendations to up-level your process for socializing a new employee.

Workplace Culture: Diversity & Inclusion


Find out more about The Science of Happiness at Work

Embracing Diversity=Equality & Prosperity@Work

Live & On-Demand Options

Description: Intersectionality highlights complexities of oppression and a deeper understanding of social inequities. Positive psychology reflects one’s resiliency, grit, determination, character strengths, virtues and values. When combined, this skill set increases intercultural competency to understand someone’s triumphs and challenges and how to use these tools as a vessel toward empowerment. Research shows that diverse work teams increase productivity and performance and creating a culture of inclusion moves an organization toward equality and effective working relationships.

Women and Leadership

Live & On-Demand Options

Description: There is an ever-increasing number of women gaining momentum in leadership roles, however, we continue to look up and see the glass ceiling on the heels of men’s shoes. UNWomen is asking for a global STEP-UP for the project known as Planet 50-50 by 2030. What will you do to first, understand how the inequalities of women at work impacts her on an individual level and gain an understanding as to why it makes sense for your organization to work toward gender balance.

Cognitive Science Leadership


Find out more about Cognitive Science Leadership

Organizational Socialization

Live & On-Demand Options

Description: Thinking clearly, calmly and rationally has true payoffs—not only at work but in your life in general. You and your team benefit from learning how to apply these techniques quite rapidly to overcome irrational thinking which in turn improves communication, builds better relationships and swiftly moves you all through resolving conflicts as they arise. This theory has improved the lives of thousands of people and is grounded in over 60 years of research.

Workplace Well-Being


Find out more about Workplace Well-Being

Employee Burnout

Live & On-Demand Options
Description:  Stress is a killer and results in low performance at work even if leaders cannot visibly see how is it impacting their employees.  Employers who care about their employees in terms of offering trainings and coaching for reducing stress in the workplace yield better results in performance and in workplace relationships when they implement sound workplace well-being strategies.

Compassion Fatigue

Live & On-Demand Options
Description:  Mental health staffers, social and human service workers, law enforcement and medical staffers are notoriously suffering from compassion fatigue and/or vicarious traumatization.  At times, this is highly visible but often it goes undetected.  It is incumbent for employers to offer support in terms of psychological first aid and self-care to assist employees in managing their responses and reactions to the serious traumatic or stressful occurrences in the workplace.

Customized trainings to fit your unique needs are cultivated from any of the above categories.

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