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The Positivity Pulse: Transforming Your Organization

Sherry Blair Institute teaches Positivity Pulse

“A number of business leadership gurus acknowledge that leading with love and compassion is the way to get results in today’s business world.” ~Sherry Blair

The Positivity Pulse introduces a precise set of tools for building and supporting relationships in the workplace. Based on teachings from modern leadership theories, change management and positive psychological research you can improve relations, get employees in full policy compliance, increase productivity and create a workplace where people want to show up. We teach the principles of the Nurtured Heart Approach®, a transformational approach that has been changing lives for over two decades and it was introduced into the workplace in 2008. Based on Sherry Blair’s journey to apply Positive Psychology in the workplace and knowing, intuitively, how powerful it was, she passionately developed these tools to ignite flourishing in organization and now the research in the Science of Happiness@Work™ reveals the power of promoting positivity at work.

Whether you are looking for just a little more positive energy, happiness and good will in your workplace relationships or your whole team or organization is in dire need of positive transformation, our game-changing, 7 step process leads you in that direction. We rely on the rigorous research that supports the business and personal benefits of increasing positivity in the workplace.

As you increase your own well-being you can simultaneously improve relations, get employees in full policy compliance, increase positivity and create a workplace where employees will feel valued, engaged, and want to give their best at work.

Designed in 7 Steps for 7 Weeks, 7 minutes a day, the Worksheets, Action Steps, and Assessments will help you incorporate your new skills into your daily life and guide you toward flourishing.

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The Positivity Pulse and other amazing books can be found in Products sections. The content delivered will help you and your organization achieve more and experience a greater fulfillment through a unique set of proven tools and strategies.

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