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Okay, so I said simple but that doesn’t mean it won’t take hard work.  The steps are simple enough to follow but YOU have to put in the work. Do you know that 70% of change initiatives fail in organizations? This is because leaders foolishly take a gamble and fail to prepare for change. In our personal lives, we really don’t prepare for the changes we want to make either. Preparation is also part of the cycle of change that we go through when we want to change something in our lives—this could be getting clean and sober, trying to lose weight, working on self-improvement, trying to find a new job, improve our relationships and maybe find a relationship, wanting to start our own business, etc.  Whatever it is that you want to change, and perhaps you are already saying “In 2016, I am going to______________”, you will be guaranteed success if you follow these 8 simple, powerful steps that I developed for personal use after being inspired by John Kotter’s change management strategies. Incorporate them into whatever you’ve got going on and you will succeed.

  1. Create a sense of urgency. Get real with why this is so important in your life.
  2. Pull together a Positivity Tribe. Find people that will support you, encourage you and even provide expert advice.
  3. Develop your change vision: Make your dream a reality. Be clear and specific
  4. Learn how to communicate your vision for buy-in—not only to other people, but to yourself. You’ve got to believe in yourself before anyone else will.
  5. Go deeper and be empowered to make your action plan big and bold.
  6. Celebrate your success. Learn why it is important to celebrate each baby step you make toward reaching your goals.
  7. Never let up. Some people make the change and then fall back to their old ways.
  8. Make it stick. Keep going even when you think you can’t or even when you think you reached your peak.

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