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By Alletta Bayer & Sherry Blair

When it comes to getting things done at work, productivity can be inspired by the energy and positivity in the workplace. When workers feel that they are cared about, you will get increased performance, improved communication styles, and increased productivity! The extra bonus is that stress levels decrease and positive emotional and cellular health increase—the result? Workplace Well-Being.

  1. Sharpen Your Powers of Observation: Everyone has a habitual way of relating. Observe whether or not the way you relate and communicate fosters a positive workplace culture and employee engagement.
  2. Choose Positivity: If you have a clear intention to increase the positivity in your workplace, then tweaking just a few minor communications each day can have the major impact on your employees.
  3. Your Thoughts Have Power: Your thoughts create your attitudes. Your attitudes influence your choice of words, and the tone in which you deliver them impacts your effectiveness as a leader. Make sure your words and tone reflect your positive attitudes.
  4. Refuse to Celebrate Negative Behaviors: Focusing on negative behaviors only encourages more of the same. Unfortunately, some people only feel “seen” when they get a charged response from you, so save that energized response for things well done.
  5. Recognition: Recognize and appreciate your employees for their small successes and they will strive to give you larger ones.
  6. Celebrate What is Going Strong: Choose to focus your attention on and recognition of positive accomplishments instead of dwelling on what is not done, and you will see a positive shift in both the way you view an employee and their desire to succeed.
  7. Create Opportunity: Become aware of the character strengths each employee has, and create opportunities for them to stretch and grow. They will be happier when they feel they are contributing in unique and positive ways, and happier employees contribute in ways that affect the bottom line of your business.

Let us know what you choose to do today!

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